About us

Welcome to DENAGY, handmade fine leather goods. Established in 2009.

DENAGY was inspired by a nostalgia for 50s surf culture, a time when innovation went hand in hand with quality and style. 

Founder/designer Paul De Nagy started out making surfboards. His appreciation of style led him to branch out into fashion, but it was his lifelong passion for handcrafting things that eventually brought him to teaching himself leather work. He perfected his skills and acquired the right tools over the course of several years and, eventually, increasing popularity of his products (bespoke wallets for bikers, initially) resulted in a brand and the exclusive lifestyle collection it is today.

Over the years, Paul has taught leatherwork to many people and inspired a lot of artisans. Celie Kogbe-Verleysen was one of them, and has now joined the design team.

Paul believes that handmade goods take on the personality of the person who makes them and it is with time, effort and love that they develop soul. He often describes leather work as having a zen-like quality, a constant search for perfection that one can get lost in. Most people can't believe that these goods are handmade, which is ultimately the goal. 

Quality goods are the ones your grandchildren might one day find in the attic, and will treasure forever.

Capsule collections include wallets, accessories and luggage/carry goods. Products are available to buy worldwide through our website and key retail partners.