Shell Cordovan, 'the holy grail of all leathers"

April 29, 2016

Shell Cordovan, 'the holy grail of all leathers"

The very mention of Shell Cordovan has always made me gasp in awe. Since the beginning, I always dreamed of one day being worthy of laying my grubby paws on it. Why, may you ask....Well, genuine Shell Cordovan is the art of tanning at its finest. There are only a handful of tanneries in the world that produce a good quality Shell, named after the shape in which it is cut (SHELL) and the city of Cordoba in Spain, where it was originally prepared by the Moors (CORDOVAN). After a series of steeping, stuffing, shaving, polishing and hand glazing, this horse hide takes up to 6 months to produce.

Originally used for shoes, Shell is getting a much wider audience in the accessories market because of its lovely smooth and shiny patina. To actually hold an article made from this leather feels like no other and, as always, it lasts forever, getting better with age and use.

The most beautiful part of an accessory made from this leather is that the edges have a glass-like finish, a feature generally lost in shoes.

We have produced a limited series of two types of wallet in Shell, in three colours: black, navy and burgundy. Each piece has been constructed using time honoured techniques to ensure that your Shell wallet lasts a lifetime.

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